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The unfinished ocarinas shown below are currently in stock here at my shop in Florida, U.S.A. Contact me to discuss your custom surface finishing ideas (paint or glaze). Once we've reached agreement on the finishing work to be done, you will be able to order from this page. 


When you order one of these ocarinas, you'll be paying the base price for that model (as shown elsewhere on this website) plus a glazing or painting charge. Glazing and painting prices start at $10 over the cost of an unpainted, natural-clay colored ICO ocarina of the same model. I typically can finish single-process glazing work within 2 days, with more time required for multi-process or very intricate detail.



12-hole Alto C Alto 12-hole, Key of C






12-hole Alto C Alto 12-hole, Key of F






12-hole Alto C Alto 12-hole, Key of G







12-hole Alto C Bass 12-hole, Key of C






Alto Double Chamber Mini, Key of C

 Alto Double Chamber Mini, Key of C







Alto Double Chamber Mini, Key of C

 Bass Double Chamber, Key of C






Alto Double Chamber Mini, Key of C

 Bass Triple Chamber, Key of C







Other customization possibilities:


1) Pick an Oc model from the table below.  Selected ocarina models (see table) are currently availabe at ICO's outlet in Pennsylvania. Upon your order, one of these could be shipped to Florida for refinishing (customer pays shipping). This inventory in Pennsylvania will not be re-stocked, so the selection will diminish over time. Contact me for details.


Table lists the ocarina models in stock in Pennsylvania, with shipping costs to Florida.

12-Hole SC $7.40   Double AG Extra Oak Leaf $9.75
12-Hole SF $7.40   Triple AF $9.75
12-Hole SG $7.40   Triple AF Ext Range $9.75
Double AC $9.75   Triple AF Ext Range Oak Leaf $9.75
Double AC Extra $9.75   Triple AG $9.75
Double AG $9.75   Triple AG Ext Range $9.75
Double AG Oak Leaf $9.75   Triple AG Ext Range Oak Leaf $9.75













2) Order direct from China. Upon your order, any of ICO's ocarina models can be produced in China and then shipped to me in Florida for custom finishing of your choice. Contact me first and we'll discuss your ideas for painting or glazing. Once decisions are made, I'll set up a place on this website where you can place your order. Production time in China is typically 7 to 8 days. Shipping to the U.S. takes from 6 to 10 days.


Ordering direct from China gives you an opportunity to customize not only surface finishing but ocarina design as well! Song Wei regularly takes custom requests on alternative fingerings, moving subholes, higher or lower breath requirement, uncommon keys, and more. Let me know what you have in mind and I'll have Bill contact Song Wei and get you a quote.


Download an Excel file showing shipping prices from China to Florida.



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